of Fall River, Mass.

Descendants of Patrick Cluny

Generation No. 1

1. MR.Unknown CLUNY

Notes for MR. CLUNY: PROOF: ------Not sure of the name of the father of patrick Cluny. Not sure if the siblings are his either. -----Will of a James Cluny of Wexford town, fisherman. Will proved 1735. Wife: Catherine Henessey. Sons: Stephen, Patrick, James and Michael Cluny. Children of MR. CLUNY are: 2. i. PATRICK2 CLUNY, b. Abt. 1769; d. Wexford Co, Ireland. ii. JOSEPH CLUNY, b. Abt. 1769; m. FIONNULA GRANT, 1789, Wexford Co, Ireland. Notes for JOSEPH CLUNY: Noting the period of time that he lived, and the fact that there weren't many Clunys living in Wexford Co, Ireland, he may have been a close relative to Patrick Cluny. iii. MARK CLUNY, b. Abt. 1769; m. HELENA O'FARRELL, 1789, Carlingford, Wexford Co, IR. Notes for MARK CLUNY: Noting the period of time that he lived, and the fact that there weren't many Clunys living in Wexford Co, Ireland, he may have been a close relative to Patrick Cluny. iv. LUCY CLUNY, b. Abt. 1777; m. PETER KEOGH, 1797, New Ross, Wexford Co, Ireland. Notes for LUCY CLUNY: Noting the period of time that she lived, and the fact that there weren't many Clunys living in Wexford Co, Ireland, she may have been a close relative to Patrick Cluny. v. VINCENT CLUNY, b. Abt. 1779; m. MARTHA DEERY, May 23, 1799, New Ross, Wexford Co, Ireland. Notes for VINCENT CLUNY: Noting the period of time that he lived, and the fact that there weren't many Clunys living in Wexford Co, Ireland, he may have been a close relative to Patrick Cluny. Generation No. 2 2. PATRICK2 CLUNY (MR.1) was born Abt. 1769, and died in Wexford Co, Ireland. He married MARY DOYLE 1789 in Wexford Co, Ireland. She died in Wexford Co, Ireland. Notes for PATRICK CLUNY: PROOF: -------Marriage notice in Wexford Co, Ireland. books; ------The most practical way of undertaking such a general search of parish registers is through the Genealogy Heritage Centre for Wexford. Child of PATRICK CLUNY and MARY DOYLE is: 3. i. PATRICK3 CLUNY, b. March 17, 1793, Taghmon, Wexford, Ireland; d. May 18, 1862, Catholic Buriel Grounds, Fall River, Ma. Generation No. 3 3. PATRICK3 CLUNY (PATRICK2, MR.1) was born March 17, 1793 in Taghmon, Wexford, Ireland, and died May 18, 1862 in Catholic Buriel Grounds, Fall River, Ma. He married SARAH/SALLY A. ALLEN August 02, 1821 in Dartmouth, MA, daughter of BENJAMIN ALLEN and HANNAH HEAD. She was born May 21, 1803 in Dartmouth, Ma, and died February 17, 1881 in Oak Grove Cemetery, Fall River, Ma. Notes for PATRICK CLUNY: PROOF: -----Pictures of Patrick and Sarah came from Robert Thrasher a descendant; -----Naturalization papers (3 pages) which gives his birth date and place, and date they came to the US, (arrived in the US Aug 3, 1816 at New Bedford, MA) ...... it came from Bristol Co, Supreme Judicial Court in 1842. ----- "V.R. of Dartmouth to 1850" Vol 2, pg 300 shows Paterick MacLune 'a foreigner' and Sally Allen Aug 2, 1821; pg 25 shows her; ------1820 Bristol Co, Dartmouth, census pg 565 - shows Patrick living alone and is foreigner not naturalized yet. ------1830 Bristol Co, Dartmouth,census pg 353 - they called him Patrick McClurey (I wonder if he used to be a Mc?) married with 3 children, and another male his age, both not Naturalized yet. (possibly a brother)? ------1840 Bristol Co, Fall River, census pg 275 ------1850 Bristol Co, Fall River, census pg 84 ------1860 Bristol Co, Fall River, census pg 009 -------"History of New Bedford & Vicinity"/Ellis pg 576 states The land was on Allen Street and was donated by Patrick Cluney.....talking about St. Lawrence Catholic Church. ------ City directory of Fall River 1869, lists Sarah Cluny, Widow, house Stafford Rd. -------Death Certificates on both Patrick Cluney (shows his mother's name is Mary) and one on Sarah A. Cluny ------ Death Register of Fall River , pg 129 shows Patrick Cluny death May 20, 1862. -------He is buried in the Catholic Buriel Grounds, Fall River, Ma. ; She is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Fall River, Ma, probably because she wasn't catholic. ------The first church in New Bedford, and, incidentally, in the entire diocese of Fall River, was erected in 1820. An interesting fact to us is that this first edifice, a rather poor structure costing about $800.00, and named St. Mary's, was located in what is now St. James Parish, on the corner of Allen and Orchard Streets. This small plot of land, bought from Edward and Lydia Wing for $80.00, was donated to the priest by a man named PATRICK CLUNY, who shortly after moved to Fall River. (An amazingly startling fact uncovered by this author's Investigation of this history is that the Patrick Cluny who donated this land for the first church In the Diocese of Fall River Is this author's own great-great-grandfather.) The church was built by Father Philip Larissey (or Lariscy), an Augustinian, and was dedicated in 1821 by Bishop Cheverus. Father Fitton, in his diary, recalls it as "a small building, small in reality, as we remember it, located among some rocks, and enclosed with a high board fence, and, as it appeared to us, the least desirable spot in the town." It was an unpretentious edifice of wood, one story high, and neither clapboarded nor painted. There were three wooden steps leading to the door, and two windows in front, with three on each side, all arched at the top, with heavy wooden shutters. A wooden cross surmounted it, setting it off as a place of worship. Later it was painted in a drab color, with green shutters and doors. Inside there was only one aisle, the rows of pews arranged on either side. The altar was plain and wooden, with two narrow risers holding the candles. To one side was a small closet, where the cruets were kept. To the other side, north, was the small sacristy, which also held a few benches along the wall, where the Sunday School classes were held with the priest as teacher. There was no organ available, but on special occasions parishioners played a clarinet and flute. Bishop Benedict J. Fenwick, who succeeded Bishop Cheverus in 1825, describes this first church in New Bedford as a "pitiful little building," but it was a great step forward for the Church in New England, for, it may be hard to realize, there was probably not a single Catholic in the entire city of Fall River at this time. What the Catholic population of New Bedford as at this time is hard to say, but they at least warranted a church. In 1826, when Bishop Fenwick took up his duties as administrator of the Boston Diocese, he had only three priests to help him. He was able from time to time to arrange for help from other dioceses, and these men in their apostolic zeal, often said Mass and gave the Sacraments to the pioneer Catholic families in the state. One 0f these early priests we have already mentioned as the builder of the original St. Mary's Church in New Bedford, Father Philip Larissey. Another, Father Patrick Byrne, the second priest ordained by Bishop Cheverus for his struggling diocese, became pastor 0f New Bedford in 1843. He was expected, not only to care for the spiritual needs of New Bedford, but also of the island of Nantucket as well as Cape Cod. One particular problem that Father Byrne had to face was the fact that many of his congregation in New Bedford, and especially in Sandwich, where the second church of the diocese was built in 1830, were young, unmarried men, who did not hesitate to leave whenever work became scarce. For this reason, the number of Catholics became smaller, even after the churches were built. By ST. JAMES PARISH 1888 - 1963, By REVEREND ALBERT F. SHOVELTON -----Parish Primary Congregation Location Established First Pastor Comments Diocese of Boston Bishop Jean de Cheverus St. Mary Irish New Bedford 1821 Philip Larissey OSA (now St. Lawrence) ----- Traditional Irish Naming Patterns Here is the traditional naming pattern which I have found repeated in several sources. The naming pattern was followed by the majority of parents. I've compared our families' names as far as we know them, and although they don't exactly follow the pattern, they are pretty close... ******************** Sons' Names First Son Named for paternal grandfather Second Son Named for maternal grandfather Third Son Named for father Fourth Son Named for father's oldest brother Fifth Son Named for mother's eldest brother Sixth Son Named for father's second oldest brother **************************** Daughters' Names First Daughter Named after maternal grandmother Second Daughter Named after paternal grandmother Third Daughter Named after mother Fourth Daughter Named after mother's oldest sister Fifth Daughter Named after father's eldest sister Sixth Daughter Named after mother's second oldest sister Any additional children continue the pattern, following the order of father's and mother's brothers and sisters. One other common practice was to name a child after a child who had died within the family. Children of PATRICK CLUNY and SARAH/SALLY ALLEN are: 4. i. JOSEPH HARDING4 CLUNY, b. December 31, 1823, Fall River, MA; d. November 20, 1871. ii. MARY CLUNY, b. 1825; m. RUSSELL MAXWELL. iii. WILLIAM CLUNY, b. 1827; d. 1848. iv. FRANKLIN CLUNY, b. 1830. 5. v. PRISCILLA C. CLUNY, b. December 24, 1833, Dartmouth, Ma; d. June 13, 1921, Oak Grove Cemetery, Fall River, MA. vi. SARAH CLUNY, b. 1837, Fall River, MA; m. DANIEL EATON. 6. vii. JOHN COAQUIEN CLUNY, b. July 29, 1838, Fall River, MA; d. April 28, 1910, Honolulu, HI. viii. EDWARD CLUNY, b. August 08, 1844, Fall River, MA; d. September 24, 1873. ix. ELIZABETH CLUNY, b. 1846. Generation No. 4 4. JOSEPH HARDING4 CLUNY (PATRICK3, PATRICK2, MR.1) was born December 31, 1823 in Fall River, MA, and died November 20, 1871. He married ALMY GRINNELL 1843, daughter of WILLIAM GRINNELL and AMEY BORDEN. She was born October 29, 1827 in Fall River, MA, and died July 03, 1893. Notes for JOSEPH HARDING CLUNY: NOTES: Information on this line received by : Sharon & Bob Thrasher, 86 Indian Tr., Marietta, GA 30068 Seamen's Protection Certificate Register Database Joseph Cluny Birth Place (City, State or Country): Dartmouth, Massachusetts Age: 17 Complexion: Height: Hair: Eyes: Other: Certificate Information: Customs District: Fall River Date Issued: 06/26/1841 Certificate Number: 36 Children of JOSEPH CLUNY and ALMY GRINNELL are: 7. i. WILLIAM BRAYTON5 CLUNY, b. July 11, 1849, Fall River, MA or Bristol, RI; d. December 23, 1920, Fall River, MA. ii. ARABELLA CLUNY, b. March 23, 1854; d. July 09, 1854. iii. JULIETTE M. CLUNY, b. August 06, 1869; d. June 22, 1962; m. ALBERT J. SHOVELTON. 5. PRISCILLA C.4 CLUNY (PATRICK3, PATRICK2, MR.1) was born December 24, 1833 in Dartmouth, Ma, and died June 13, 1921 in Oak Grove Cemetery, Fall River, MA. She married WILLIAM F. FRANCIS, JR. April 24, 1853 in Newport, Tiverton, RI, son of WILLIAM FRANCIS and PATIENCE NEGUS. He was born July 04, 1809 in Tiverton, Newport Co., RI, and died February 07, 1881 in Oak Grove Cemetery, Fall River, bristol Co, MA. Notes for WILLIAM F. FRANCIS, JR.: PROOF: ------His Birth in "R.I. VR -Newport Co, R.I. Births from Death Records"vol 12,/Beaman pg 268; - William Francis Jr. of William, b. 1811 Tivertson (TiM 1-6); -------1810 Tiverton, Newport Co, R.I. census pg 143 - This census may have been taken a little late because of ages of children: William Francis Sr. 26-45; wife 26-45; 2 sons under 10 (John & William Jr.); 1 son 10-16 (?); 3 daughters under 10; Nearby Henry Negus (possible brother-in-law); Also nearby is Elisha Francis 26-45 (possibly a brother or cousin); -----1820 Tiverton, Newport Co., R.I. census pg 215 - William Francis Sr. over 45; wife over 45; 2 son under 10 (John & William Jr.); and 2 daughters under 10; and 2 daughters 10-16; Nearby are Henry Negus (possibly his brother-in-law); Pardon Perry (his good friend); Thomas Francis (his brother) 26-45 his wife and 7 children; Abner Cook (probably his uncle who married Elizabeth Francis); -----1830 Tiverton, Newport Co, R.I. census pg 63, - William francis Sr. 40-50, wife 40-50, 1 son 15-20 (William Jr.); 1 son 20-30 (John); 1 dau 5-10; 1 dau 10-15; 1 dau 15-20; 1 dau 20-30 (Permelia); Nearby on census is William Sr's brother Thomas Francis 40-50 (who married Elizabeth Perry); and Elisha Estes who married Hannah Francis 1758, probably their Aunt. ----- "newport Co, R.I. Births from Death Records"/Beaman pg 268 shows a William Francis and Peace B. Almy are the parents of John B. Francis. This is a different William Francis and wife Peace than ours. This William & Peace are in Westport, MA by 1860 & 1870 census. Also on their son Thomas's death record it states this William Francis was born in Dartmouth (see more on them below under Notes). -------"Thomas Cooke of Rhode Island"/Vol 1, /Jane Fiske, pg 657 shows Charity Lavina Francis, daughter of William Francis and Peace Coggeshall. This is our William and Peace D. Francis; -----1840 Tiverton, Newport Co, R.I. census lists William Francis Sr.60-70, Patience 60-70, no children now living with them; Above him is Pardon Perry his sister-in-laws brother; Next page is William Francis Jr. 30-40, his wife Peace 20-30 with 3 sons; Below him is John Francis his brother, 30-40 with wife and 3 sons and 5 daughters; ---- 1850 Tiverton, Newport Co, R.I. census pg 81A shows William Francis Jr. 40, his wife Peace D. 36, children Gideon E. 14, Charity 5, Frederick A. 2; Below them is William Francis Sr. 68 and wife patience 70; Above them is Pardon Perry; -----1860 Fall River, Newport Co, R.I., census pg 121,shows William Francis jr. 51 born in Tiverton, R.I., with his new wife, Priscilla C.(Cluny) 26 born in Dartmouth, MA, and children born to his first wife are: Charity L. 15, Frederick A. 12, Peace M. 8, and children born to this new wife are: Priscilla E. 5, Emma R. 2; on the next page is Pardon Perry 72 and wife Ann Cook 64, 3 children and William Francis Sr. the father of William Jr. who is now 80, and states he was born in Tiverton, R.I. ----1870 Fall River, Bristol Co., MA census, pg 116, shows William 61, Priscilla 36, and 6 children, Mary M. is 7 years old. also living with them is her mother Sarah Cluney 66 yrs old. William is a stonecutter by profession, and all of the older children are attending school. -----1880 Fall River, Bristol Co., MA census E.D. 86, pg 52, William 71, both parents were born in Rhode Island., Priscilla c. 46, and 7 children listed, one of them is Mary 16 yrs old. -----1900 Fall River, Bristol Co, MA census, Priscilla 66, a widow, and with her is a daughter, son, daughter-in-law and 2 grandchildren; -----1910 Fall River, Bristol Co, MA census, Priscilla, 76, a widow, living with her is a daughter, son, daughter-in-law and 2 grandchildren; ---- I have a copy of Both D/C; -----Both are burried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Fall River, MA -----According to the census, He was a stonecutter; NOTES: ------ The other William Francis in Fall River, MAss. that is often confused with ours was the son of Nathan & Sarah Cowen Francis, b. Oct. 5, 1804 in Dartmouth (Records of Dartmouth Births 1650-1864). He married Peacy B. Almy in Troy/Fall River on April 1, 1832 (Book 2, pg 243). William's brother John Francis married Polly Thurston in Troy and they lived there for many years. I have a list of John & Polly's children in Troy/Fall River area. William & Peace B. Almy Francis moved to Westport before the 1860 census (Westport 1860 census pg 414) (1870 wEstport census pg 29). Peace B. Almy Francis died Oct 9, 1879 (Westport Death Records). William Francis was living with his son James A Francis in Westport on 1880 census pg 256, showing he is 75 and widowed. I did not look for a death record on him. The reason I got all of this proof was to be extra sure this was not our William & Peace & Priscilla. But, I do think they are related further back, possibly Nathan of Dartmouth (father of the other William) was a brother or cousin to our Henry Francis who is father of our William. The reason I think that is the naming patterns were very similar. This William and Peace Almy Francis's children were: Humphrey A. Francis, John B. Francis, Thomas Andrew Francis who married Lucinda Prentiss Dyer, Charles A. Francis, & James A. Francis. They may have had other children, but I don't have a record of any more. "Dartmouth, MA From OUR COUNTY AND ITS PEOPLE, A DESCRIPTIVE AND BIOGRAPHICAL RECORD OF BRISTOL COUNTY MASSACHUSETTS PREPARED AND PUBLISHED UNDER THE AUSPICES OF THE FALL RIVER NEWS AND THE TAUNTON GAZETTE WITH THE ASSISTANCE OF HON. ALANSON BORDEN OF NEW BEDFORD THE BOSTON HISTORY COMPANY, PUBLISHERS 1899" Dartmouth. - This town was formed from so-called "common land" on June 8, 1664, and included the territory called Acushena, Ponagansett and Coakset. The bounds of the town were defined June 3, 1668. From this territory New Bedford was set off February 23, 1787, Westport July 2, 1787; New Bedford then included what are now Fairhaven and Acushnet. In February a small part of Dartmouth was annexed to Westport, and another tract was likewise set off March 4, 1805. On March 20, 1845, a tract was annexed to New Bedford, and another on May 3, 1888. Dartmouth is bounded on the north by Fall Reiver and Freetown, on the east by New Bedford and Buzzard's Bay, on the south by Buzzard's Bay, and on the west by Westport. It has four post-offices, viz., Dartmouth, North Darthmouth, South Dartmouth, and Nonquitt. There have been post-offices in the past at Aponagansett and Hicksville, but they were closed. The population of the town by the census of 1895 is 3,107; the number of legal voters in that year was 811, and the number of registered voters in 1897 was 713. Darthmouth forms a part of Congressional District No. 13, and constitutes the Third Bristol Senatorial District No. 13, and constitutes the Third Bristol Senatorial District and the Sixth Representative District. Russell's Mills (Dartmouth P. O.) is a hamlet in the southern part of the town, containing a grist mill known as the Allen Howland Mill, a saw mill, a store, a blacksmith and a wheelwright shop. Mills have been in existence here from the very early history of the town. A Christain Church is maintained here. Padanaram (South Dartmouth P. O.) is a small village situated in the southeastern part of Dartmouth on Aponagansett harbor. It has a population of 410, and contains two stores, salt workson either side of the river, one conducted by Nathaniel Howland, the other by Myron Potter, a Methodist church, a Christian, and formerly a Baptist church, a hotel, and a wheelwright shops. A Free Public Library is maintained, for which John Southworth donated $5,000 for a stone building and $3,000 for books. This was a point of considerable shipbuilding in early years; many vessels sailed from here and various industries were carried on. Capt. Jireh Sherman was an old-time merchant here. In recent years this has become a popular summer resort and is now connected with New Bedford by electric cars. Smith's Mills (North Dartmouth P. O.) is a hamlet centrally located in the town, on the electric railroad between New Bedford and Fall River. It has a population of 285. It was one of the earliest settled points in this region. Former merchants were William and John Cummings, who also owned the mills, Hiram Whalon and Abner P. Barker. The place now contains two stores, a grist mill and saw mill, two blacksmiths and two wheelwrights, a Christian Baptist and a Quaker church. Nonquitt is a hamlet and post-office situated on Buzzard's Bay in the extreme southeastern part of the town. In recent years it has attained considerable popularity as a summer resort and a large hotel was erected, which was burned and has not been rebuilt. Hixville is a small settlement int the northern part of the town. A post-office was formerly maintained, but it has been abandoned. It contains a Christian church, a saw mill and blacksmith shop. Aponagansett is a small hamlet at the head of the river and harbor of that name, in the southern part of the town. It has no business interests of account. A Quaker church is located here. Each of the hamlets named above has a school near at hand. The town of Dartmouth is almost wholly an agricultural district, the mercantile and manufacturing interests being lest than they were many years ago. The farmers produce considerable milk for the New Bedford market and mixed farming is followed. Among prominent farmers of the town may be mentioned Andrew H. King, Silas Faunce, Warren Seabury, George Hicks, Pardon Brownell, William Davis, Zachariah Spooner, James E. and Henry T. Allen, John O. Slocum and Edward Cook. The southern section of this town, bordering on Buzzard's Bay, has become a desirable location for summer residents, and at Bay View, Nonquitt near Padanaram, and at Saltus Point at the lower end of the Smith's Neck, many cottages have been erected. -------The question about Pardon Perry. We know our William Sr. definitely had brother Thomas because they are both mentioned in the Will of Roger Cory their step-father. Thomas Francis married Elizabeth Perry, this is proven in the death record of their daughter Louisa P. Cook dated July 1, 1867 (I have a copy of this also). We figure she is probably the sister to Pardon Perry because the 2 Francis brothers stayed so close to Pardon Perry throughout all of their years. -----Mildred Mayhew, my mothers's sister wrote: Grandma Priscilla (Cluny) Francis lived next door to her daughter Grandma Mary (Francis) Murray. Priscilla was actually her Great-Grandma. She also said one of Priscilla Cluny's brothers moved to Hawaii and married a member of (Queen Lileokalani (sp?) family. Priscillas daughter Edith went to visit them in Hawaii. Mildred Mayhew said in the 1920s she used to write a Priscilla Cluny in Hawaii who was a distant cousin, but lost contact with her. Wanda Peleholani is a descendant of that line. I have quite a bit on them that was sent to me by Wanda. Children of PRISCILLA CLUNY and WILLIAM FRANCIS are: i. WILLIAM F.5 FRANCIS, b. 1854; d. February 17, 1857, Fall River, Bristol Co, MA. Notes for WILLIAM F. FRANCIS: PROOF: -----PG 51 of Fall River death records shows he is son of William & Priscilla Francis. He was 3 yrs, 5 mos. old and died of Scarlatina. 8. ii. PRISCILLA E. FRANCIS, b. 1855. iii. EMMA R. FRANCIS, b. 1858; d. 1880, Oak Grove Cemetery, Fall River, MA. iv. WILLIAM A. FRANCIS, b. 1861; d. January 20, 1947, Grave PV003. 9. v. MARY MELVILLE FRANCIS, b. October 23, 1863, Fall River, Bristol Co, MA; d. August 23, 1956, Fall River, Bristol Co, MA. 10. vi. EDWARD B. FRANCIS, b. August 08, 1868. vii. EDITH A. FRANCIS, b. 1870; d. 1944, Oak Grove Cemetery, Fall River, MA. Notes for EDITH A. FRANCIS: Note: She went to Hawaii to visit Cluny relatives. 11. viii. JESSIE FRANCIS, b. 1872. 6. JOHN COAQUIEN4 CLUNY (PATRICK3, PATRICK2, MR.1) was born July 29, 1838 in Fall River, MA, and died April 28, 1910 in onolulu, HI. He married (1) EMMA KEKKAULAHAO. She was born in Hawaii, and died in Fall River, MA. He married (2) CAROLINEKAAIPILIOLE MAHONEY Abt. 1888 in Hawaii, daughter of JAMES MAHONEY and REBECCA LIPEKA. She was born October 1866 in ahaina, Maui, HI, and died September 28, 1945 in Honolulu, HI. Notes for JOHN COAQUIEN CLUNY: This line of information came from his direct descendant, Wanda (Baker) Peleholani in Hawaii. NOTES: He sailed as a Captain on a whaling ship to Hawaii and married a Hawaiian woman named Emma. He took her back to Fall River, MA where she died. He came back to Hawaii and married Caroline Mahoney and had 3 sons. I found the name Coalan and it is Celtic. Possibly the name Coaquien is celtic? Children of JOHN CLUNY and CAROLINE MAHONEY are: i. EDWARD M.5 CLUNY, b. March 05, 1889, Hawaii. ii. WILLIAM A. CLUNY, b. March 05, 1889, Hawaii. 12. iii. JOHN COAQUIEN CLUNY, b. December 12, 1890, Honolulu, HI; d. February 01, 1968, Honolulu, HI. Generation No. 5 7. WILLIAM BRAYTON5 CLUNY (JOSEPH HARDING4, PATRICK3, PATRICK2, MR.1) was born July 11, 1849 in Fall River, MA or Bristol, RI, and died December 23, 1920 in Fall River, MA. He married ELLA FRANCIS GLADDING June 18, 1873 in Fall River, MA, daughter of JAMES GLADDING and LUCRETIA COLE. She was born June 22, 1851 in Bristol, RI, and died September 11, 1940 in Fall River, MA. Children of WILLIAM CLUNY and ELLA GLADDING are: i. LOTTIE BRAYTON6 CLUNY, b. August 24, 1874; m. GEORGE HERBERT BAILEY. ii. MABEL COLE CLUNY, b. January 21, 1876; m. WILLIAM LAWRENCE HACKING. iii. WILLIAM HOWARD CLUNY, b. June 06, 1879; d. June 21, 1881. iv. ALICE HOWLAND CLUNY, b. August 02, 1884; d. May 15, 1886. v. HOWARD FRANKLIN CLUNY, b. July 06, 1886; m. EVA LUND. vi. RACHEL BENNETT CLUNY, b. May 24, 1888; m. CHESTER ARTHUR BARLOW. vii. RUSSELL FRANCIS CLUNY, b. October 11, 1891, Fall River, MA; d. July 27, 1965, Salt Lake City, UT; m. RUTH ARMSTRONG SWEENEY, February 21, 1916, Fall River, MA; b. February 10, 1895, Fall River, MA; d. Loma Linda, CA. 8. PRISCILLA E.5 FRANCIS (PRISCILLA C.4 CLUNY, PATRICK3, PATRICK2, MR.1) was born 1855. She married WILLIAM GOODRUM. Notes for WILLIAM GOODRUM: My name is Frank Jordan, Great Grandson of Joseph C. Goodrum (son of Priscilla E. Francis). Unfoutunately, I don't have much more information than you, however, I do have all of the information about Priscilla Francis Goodrum and her descendants. My grandmother, Geraldine Goodrum is one to the twins. I would be happy to share any information with you if you would like. Also I was very surprised to find photos of Patrick and Sarah Cluney, as well as your ancestor Mary M. Murray. I have been looking for years to find any photos of this family including any of Priscilla as I have never seen any. I do have photos of the three Goodrum boys. I did notice a few errors in her descendants. Also, Do you have any additional information about William Francis and his family?? Well i look forward to hearing from you, Frank Jordan in Fla. Children of PRISCILLA FRANCIS and WILLIAM GOODRUM are: i. WILLIAM6 GOODRUM, m. GLADYS (WIFE OF WM. GOODRUM). ii. JOSEPH C. GOODRUM. 9. MARY MELVILLE5 FRANCIS (PRISCILLA C.4 CLUNY, PATRICK3, PATRICK2, MR.1) was born October 23, 1863 in Fall River, Bristol Co, MA, and died August 23, 1956 in Fall River, Bristol Co, MA. She married JOHN ROY MURRAY August 26, 1886 in Fall River, Bristol Co, MA, son of JAMES MURRAY and MARGARET MCEWAN. He was born October 30, 1858 in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, and died January 30, 1930 in Fall River, Bristol Co, MA. Notes for JOHN ROY MURRAY: Pictures of John & wife are from Mary Lou Phalen, PROOF: -----Her B/C; -------Marriage is in 'The Eastern Chronicle' from Pictou Co., Nova Scotia, Aug 26, 1886, pg. 3. Even though he married in Massachusetts, it was probably recorded in Pictou because his parents/family were from there. ------Marriage was also in the Presbyterian Witness, vital Statistics 1848-1887 Vol 3(M-Q), John Murray maried (s/o James Murray of New Glasgow) Mary M. Francis of Fall River, by Re. George W. Gile at Fall River, Mass. Presby. Witness Sat. 28, Aug 1886, Vol. 39, No 35, page 280; ------ Census in Pictou, Nova Scotia, ------His Naturalization papers dated Jan 1881, ordered from the second district court of Bristol Co, Fall River, Year 1888, Vol n1885-1892, Petition # 1452; states he moved to Massachusetts, arrived at Boston Jan 3, 1881. He signed Naturalization papers Aug. 21, 1888, residing at 119 Stafford Rd, Fall River, Ma. -----1900 Fall River, Bristol Co, MA census, E. E. 105, pg 15B, John R. Murray 41, Mary 36, and daughter Ruth C(atherine) 10 b.Jul 1889; -----1910 Fall River, Bristol Co, MA census, E.D. 110?, pg 2A?, John R. Murray 51 b.Can/English, both parents b.Can/English, Immigrated 1881 & Naturalized, Mary M. 46, 6 children born, only 4 living; 3 children living with them -----1930 Fall River, Brisol Co, MA census, E.D. 37, pg 2B Ward I, Block 201 of Stafford Rd., Mary Melville (Francis) Murray is 66, her grandaughter, my mother, Ruth Cushman is 7. -------Both D/C; Both certificates name their parents and their mother's maiden names. ------They are both at Oak Grove Cemetery, Fall River, Ma. ------Someone sent me her Obituary from a newspaper but doens't say which newspaper. Also sent me a plat of their cemetery plots; NOTES: I did find an entry in the passenger manifests in the Dallas Library. the closest entry I could locate was John Murray 21, Barber birthplace: penn (could this be a mistake?) Residence: Mass Ship: S. S. "Carroll" (I don't think he was a Barber either. I doubt this is him, but couldn't locate any other entry for Jan 3, 1881 as he stated in his Naturalization papers) Someone suggested seeing if there were seperate State Lists! -------Kathy, The pin you have probably is of Murray origion.Murray clan plant is listed as "butchers broom,juniper". The cloth could come from the Murray's of Atholl or Murray's closely aligned with the Athollians (lots of green in their tartan,none of the red used by other Murrays).The clan plant for the Murrays of Atholl could be different also.Pin is probably for ceremonies (attached to tam,kilt ,stocking).I'm no expert but hope this helps. Terry Murray Children of MARY FRANCIS and JOHN MURRAY are: i. RUTH CATHERINE6 MURRAY, b. July 14, 1889, Fall River, Bristol Co, MA; d. January 25, 1923, Brockton, Plymouth Co, MA; m. EDGAR EVERETT CUSHMAN, September 15, 1913, Fall River, Bristol Co, MA; b. January 04, 1889, Middleborough, Plymouth Co, MA; d. June 29, 1977, Edgartown, Martha's Vinyard, MA. More About RUTH CATHERINE MURRAY: Fact 1: Mt. Prospect Cemetery, Bridgewater, Mass. Notes for EDGAR EVERETT CUSHMAN: PROOF: ------Both Birth Certificates; ------Marriage Certificate; ------Both Death Certificates; ------His Will; ------Deeds; ------Plymouth Co, P.R. 1903,1919; ------Obituaries; -------Guardianship Papers; -------Bridgewaters 257th Town Officer Reports for 1913, pg 100; -------Edgar never wanted to hear his father's name in the house. His father deserted the children after their mother died. Edgar was raised by his grandfather, Solomon Eaton and second wife Ella. -------Edgar was a Lawyer/Attorney by occupation; -------His first wife Catherine died birthing my mother, Ruth. He did not feel like he could raise a baby, so he let his wife's mother, Mary (Francis) Murray raise my mother. My mother would visit her father and sisters over the summers in Bridgewater and on Martha's Vinyard Island. -------He sold the house on 37 Hale st. in Bridgewater when he retired; ------- --------He is buried in the Westside Cemetery, Edgartown, Martha's Vinyard Island, Ma. -------His grandfather, Solomon Eaton lived with them until he died in 1919. ------She is buried at Mt. Prospect Cemetery, Bridgewater, Mass., Lot 536, but she is not near Annie Eaton & Solomon K. Eaton. She is buried down the hill from them ------Her occupation was a Teacher NOTES: -------She died the day daughter Ruth Murray Cushman was born. ii. MIRIAM A. MURRAY, b. September 1891; d. Abt. 1961. iii. MELVILLE R. MURRAY, b. March 1894; m. ANNIE (WIFE OF MELVILLE MURRAY). iv. MILDRED M. MURRAY, b. 1902, MA; d. March 30, 1994, Fall River, Ma; m. GEORGE M. JACKSON; b. 1898; d. 1980. v. MILTON MURRAY, b. March 1894; d. June 1894. 10. EDWARD B.5 FRANCIS (PRISCILLA C.4 CLUNY, PATRICK3, PATRICK2, MR.1) was born August 08, 1868. He married MARY P. (WIFE OF EDWARD FRANCIS). Child of EDWARD FRANCIS and MARY FRANCIS) is: i. CHARLES W.6 FRANCIS, b. 1892. 11. JESSIE5 FRANCIS (PRISCILLA C.4 CLUNY, PATRICK3, PATRICK2, MR.1) was born 1872. He married VIOLA H. (WIFE OF JESSE FRANCIS). Children of JESSIE FRANCIS and VIOLA FRANCIS) are: i. EVERETT H.6 FRANCIS. Notes for EVERETT H. FRANCIS: Note: He was gassed in WWI ans spent most of his life in a fresh air building the family made for him in their yard. He died Young. ii. MARION J. FRANCIS. 12. JOHN COAQUIEN5 CLUNY (JOHN COAQUIEN4, PATRICK3, PATRICK2, MR.1) was born December 12, 1890 in Honolulu, HI, and died February 01, 1968 in Honolulu, HI. He married OLIVIA MULEHU MORTENSEN 1911 in Honolulu, HI. She was born February 16, 1893 in North Kohala, HI, and died April 09, 1971 in Honolulu, HI. Children of JOHN CLUNY and OLIVIA MORTENSEN are: i. JOHN COAQUIEN6 CLUNY, b. June 06, 1912. ii. PRISCILLA FRANCIS WAHINE ALII CLUNY, b. November 27, 1913, Honolulu, HI; m. WILLIAM KAUHANE HA'O BAKER, January 10, 1934, Honolulu, HI; b. February 06, 1910, Waikele, Waipahu, HI; d. September 16, 1989, Nanakuli High School, Nanakuli, HI. iii. OLIVIA MULEHU CLUNY, b. August 05, 1918. iv. EDWARD LOY LELEHOOMALU CLUNY, b. December 04, 1919, Honolulu, HI; d. Kaluakoi, Molokai, HI; m. HARRIET FERNANDES. v. MARIA LOUISE CLUNY, b. December 21, 1920. vi. EDWINA CONSTANCE LOUISE CLUNY, b. June 21, 1922, Hawaii. Notes for EDWINA CONSTANCE LOUISE CLUNY: NOTES: Lives in Ohio vii. EDITH JOAN KEOLAI CLUNY, b. June 13, 1933, Honolulu, HI. Notes for EDITH JOAN KEOLAI CLUNY: NOTES: Lives in hawaii