Edgefield, Fairfield & Chester Co, S.C.

Descendants of John Wells

Generation No. 1
1. JOHN5 WELLS (DANIEL4 WELLS???) was born Abt. 1795, and died Aft. May 14, 1845 in Fairfield Co, SC. He married NANCY A. SANDERS? Abt. 1826. She was born Abt. 1797, and died May 31, 1876 in Chester Co, S.C.. Notes for JOHN WELLS: PROOF: ---His Will dated 1845 in Fairfield Co, SC names wife & children; ---1880 census-Daniel Sr. says his father John Sr. b.S.C, ---1880 census-John T. says John Sr. born in Maryland. ---1900 census, Daniel Sr. says John Sr. was born ? ---1900 census, John T. says John Sr. was born in Maryland. --She is buried in Old Mt. Zion Baptist Church Graveyard, off Hwy 53 near Great Falls, S.C. see Tombstone Records of Chester Co, S.C.,by Louise Crowder, pg 107; ---Deeds of sale of property Children of JOHN WELLS and NANCY SANDERS? are: i. AMANDA6 WELLS. ii. NANCY E. WELLS, m. SUMTER M. MCWATTERS. 2. iii. JEROME WELLS, b. Abt. 1828, Fairfield Co, SC; d. July 02, 1864, Rock Island Prison, Ill.. 3. iv. DANIEL JAMES WELLS, b. Abt. 1831, Fairfield Co, SC?(atlantic Ocean?) Virginia?; d. January 1909, Sumter Co, SC. 4. v. JOHN THOMAS WELLS, b. September 29, 1836, prob. Edgefield Co, SC; d. February 11, 1906, Confederate Cemetery, Louisiana Section, Rock St.,Fayette -ville, Washington Co, Ark.. vi. ELIZABETH JANE WELLS, b. Abt. 1838; m. JOHN T. MCWATTERS.
Generation No. 2
2. JEROME6 WELLS (JOHN5) was born Abt. 1828 in Fairfield Co, SC, and died July 02, 1864 in Rock Island Prison, Ill.. He married R. HELLEN ? , January 23, 1851 in S.C.. She was born October 16, 1831 in S.C., and died November 18, 1908. Notes for JEROME WELLS: MILITARY: Co C, 2nd Georgia Vol Inf. (Semmes Guards) He was captured near Dallas, Ga. May 26, 1864. He died of Peritonitis, in Rock Island, 'Yankee' Prison, Grave #1288. NOTES: He raised his family in Paulding Co, Georgia. Children of JEROME WELLS and R. HELLEN are: 5. i. MARTHA A.7 WELLS, b. 1852, S.C.. 6. ii. JOHN H. WELLS, b. December 29, 1853, S.C.. 7. iii. SARAH E. WELLS, b. September 15, 1855, S.C.. 8. iv. WILLIAM T. WELLS, b. September 1857. v. JAMES B. WELLS, b. 1862; m. MARSENA. 3. DANIEL JAMES6 WELLS (JOHN5) was born Abt. 1831 in Fairfield Co, SC?(atlantic Ocean?)Virginia?, and died January 1909 in Sumter co, SC. He married (1)JANE ? Abt. 1850 in S.C. He married (2) MISS DAVIS Abt. 1887. He married 3)DARGAN ? Abt. 1904. Notes for DANIEL JAMES WELLS: BURIED: Zoar Methodist Church Cemetery, Sumter Co, SC, with a UDC Marker. PROOF: Census NOTES: 1880 census-Daniel Sr. says he was b. in S.C., his father John Sr. b.S.C, 1880 census-John Thomas says John Sr. born in Maryland. 1900 census, Daniel Jr. says Daniel Sr. was born in Virginia. 1900 census, Daniel Sr. says John Sr. was born ? 1900 census, John Thomas says John Sr. was born in Maryland. Thos Carter got his information from his grandfather Robert Wells who died in 1971. He said Daniel was well over 6 foot tall, and had several children before fighting for confederacy. Story: He was on his way to join the confed erate army when he came upon a man savagely whipping both a young slave and a horse. When Daniel asked why didn't the man hit someone who could hit back, the man replied "I'll hit you". Then he swung his whip at Daniel, who grabbed it, pulled the man toward him, and cut his throat with the knife he always carried. He then put the slave on the horse and sent him off in one direction while Daniel went off in the other direction to join the confederate army. Also, he was a skilled carpenter who put a steel pin through the beam of the Salem Black River Presbyterian Church in Sumter Co. after the earthquake of 1886. They moved from Lancaster Co.,SC after the death of his first wife. He moved with his second wife and family to Waycross, Ga. in 1890s. After his second wife died, he moved back to Sumter Co, SC where he married for a third time, and had two more children. Children of DANIEL WELLS and JANE are: i. ELIZABETH7 WELLS, b. 1850, Dry Creek, Lancaster Co, SC. 9. ii. J. LEWIS WELLS, b. June 1856, Dry Creek, Lancaster Co, SC. iii. ELIZA. JANE WELLS, b. 1858, Dry Creek, Lancaster Co, SC; m. JAMES W. PARKER, Abt. 1876, Lancaster Co, SC. 10. iv. DANIEL JAMES WELLS, b. September 1861, Dry Creek, Lancaster Co, SC. v. M. HENRIETTA WELLS, b. 1864, Dry Creek, Lancaster Co, SC. vi. SARAH WELLS, b. 1866, Dry Creek, Lancaster Co, SC. vii. NANCY MISSOURI WELLS, b. 1869, Prob. Chester Co, SC. viii. MARTHA WELLS, b. 1872, prob. Chester Co, SC. ix. HAMMY WELLS, 2, b. 1887. 11. x. ROBERT ELLERBE WELLS, 2, b. 1889; d. 1971. xi. CHARLES 'CHARLEY' MARION WELLS, 2, b. 1892; d. 1985. Fought in WWI xii. JACQUELINE WELLS, 2, b. 1894. xiii. PERRY WELLS, 3, b. 1904. xiv. ANNIE MAE WELLS, 3, b. 1906. 4. JOHN THOMAS6 WELLS (JOHN5) was born September 29, 1836 in prob. Edgefield Co, SC, and died February 11, 1906 in Confederate Cemetery, Louisiana Section, Rock St.,Fayetteville, Washington Co, Ark.. He married (1) SARAH ELIZABETH SANDERS 1858 in prob. Edgefield Co, SC, daughter of JOSEPH SANDERS and EMILY ? . She was born December 22, 1835 in Edgefield Co, SC, and died September 26, 1887 in Harmony Cemetery, Texarkana, Miller Co, Ark.. He married (2) BETTEE WALTON December 13, 1888 in Pineapple, Wilcox Co, Al., daughter of ENOCH WALTON. She was born February 01, 1860 in Pineapple, Wilcox Co, Al., and died in Montgomery Co, Al.. Notes for JOHN THOMAS WELLS: PROOF: --- Obituary; ---- The southern Memorial Assoc., Washington Co, Ark. by Rowena Gallaway, pg 52 Cemetery record; He is buried in Confederate Cemetery, Louisiana Section, Rock St., Fayetteville, Ark. --- His wife's Pension file; ---- Confederate Muster Rolls; ----He had to sign for sale of property on Mother's Estate in Fairfield Co, S.C. 1876. MILITARY: Co C, 42nd Alabama Infantry, Confederacy. He was wounded several times, and taken prisoner at Vicksburg, signed an Oath not to bear arms again, was released, and went directly back to his confederate Unit. NOTES: We have his old shotgun passed down from his father. We also have a couple of pictures of him and maybe his second wife. He was an overseer for a plantation in Chester Co, S.C. in 1860. He lived in Miller Co, Ark.; Smith Co, Tx. and Washington Co, Ark. Notes for BETTEE WALTON: John Thomas Wells came back to Pineapple, Wilcox Co, Al. to marry Bettie Walton after his first wife passed away. He lived in Arkansas at that time. Children of JOHN WELLS and SARAH SANDERS are: 12. i. WILLIAM HENRY7 WELLS, b. November 17, 1859, Fairfield Co, SC; d. January 03, 1914, Fairview, LeFlore Co, Ok.. ii. NANCY E. 'MISSIE' WELLS, b. 1862, prob. Chester Co, SC; d. 1884, Miller Co, Ar. Notes for NANCY E. 'MISSIE' WELLS: BURRIED: Hall Cemetery, Texarkana, Miller Co, Ark. NOTES: she was Blind. 13. iii. JOHN JEROME WELLS, b. March 1865, Wilcox co, Al.; d. January 04, 1930, McAlester, Pittsburg Co, OK. iv. EMILE 'EMMA' ELIZA WELLS, b. October 11, 1868, Wilcox co, Al.; d. June 23, 1926, Sherman, Grayson Co, Tx; m. DAVID GORDON HAMILTON, May 25, 1887, Miller Co, Ark.. Notes for EMILE 'EMMA' ELIZA WELLS: BURIED: West Hill Cemetery, Sherman, Grayson Co, Tx. NOTES: Has descendants in Cleburne. 14. v. JOSEPH ELIJAH WELLS, b. January 06, 1871, Selma, Dallas Co, Alabama; d. August 24, 1958, Durant, Bryan Co, Ok.. vi. SARAH H. 'SALLIE' WELLS, b. 1874, Alabama. 15. vii. JAMES BARBER WELLS, b. April 27, 1876, Pineapple, Wilcox Co, Al.; d. December 29, 1932, Navasota, Grimes Co, Tx. buried Forest Park Lawndale Cemetery, Houston.
Generation No. 3
5. MARTHA A.7 WELLS (JEROME6, JOHN5) was born 1852 in S.C.. She married JEREMIAH WEST Abt. 1873 in Ga.. Children of MARTHA WELLS and JEREMIAH WEST are: i. SUSAN8 WEST, b. 1874. ii. HELEN WEST, b. 1876. iii. RICHARD WEST, b. 1879. 6. JOHN H.7 WELLS (JEROME6, JOHN5) was born December 29, 1853 in S.C.. He married REBECCA ELIZABETH GLADDEN Abt. 1875 in Ga.. She was born March 1858 in Ga.. Children of JOHN WELLS and REBECCA GLADDEN are: i. SNOWDEN JASPER8 WELLS, b. May 30, 1874. Notes for SNOWDEN JASPER WELLS: Residence: Jul 26, 1934 was Boaz, Al. ii. HEFLIN LEROY WELLS, b. June 11, 1876, Dallas, Paulding Co, Ga.. Notes for HEFLIN LEROY WELLS: Residence: 1890 was in Burnt Hickory, Ga. iii. WILLIAM R. WELLS, b. August 10, 1878; m. ADA MANDY. iv. HENRIETTE WELLS, b. November 07, 1880. v. NANCY J. WELLS, b. December 10, 1882. vi. JESSIE LUTHER WELLS, b. April 24, 1888. vii. LONNIE L. WELLS, b. January 11, 1892. viii. ROBERT COLEMAN WELLS, b. September 01, 1894. 7. SARAH E.7 WELLS (JEROME6, JOHN5) was born September 15, 1855 in S.C.. She married DOCTOR LEWIS COCHRAN Abt. 1876 in Ga. Children of SARAH WELLS and DOCTOR COCHRAN are: i. WILLIAM L.8 COCHRAN, b. 1877; m. A. CORNELIA. ii. ANNA COCHRAN, b. 1879. iii. BISHOP P. COCHRAN, b. 1885; m. THERLA. iv. JONES COCHRAN, b. 1892; m. EVA. v. LIZZIE L. COCHRAN, b. 1894. vi. PAUL C. COCHRAN, b. 1899. 8. WILLIAM T.7 WELLS (JEROME6, JOHN5) was born September 1857. He married SALLIE ELLA Abt. 1877 in Ga.. Children of WILLIAM WELLS and SALLIE ELLA are: i. ELIZABETH8 WELLS, b. 1878. ii. HARMON WELLS, b. 1880. iii. HELEN JENAVIA WELLS, b. November 1882; m. WILLIAM SHEFFIELD. iv. JOHN H. WELLS, b. September 1885; m. MITTIE. v. ARTHUR WELLS, b. May 1888. vi. CLIFFORD WELLS, b. June 1894. vii. RONE WELLS, b. November 1896. viii. UNIS WELLS, b. April 1900. ix. GEORGE WELLS, b. 1902. x. J.G. WELLS, b. 1908. xi. GARY WELLS, b. 1910. 9. J. LEWIS7 WELLS (DANIEL JAMES6, JOHN5) was born June 1856 in Dry Creek, Lancaster Co, SC. He married SARAH Abt. 1872 in Lancaster Co, SC. She was born May 1854. Children of J. WELLS and SARAH are: i. HENRY8 WELLS, b. March 1872; m. HENRIETTA. ii. MARY WELLS, b. 1876. iii. DANIEL WELLS, b. 1880. iv. WILLIAM WELLS, b. January 1881, Lancaster Co, SC; m. LILLY, 1899. v. PINKNEY WELLS, b. June 1885. vi. SALLIE WELLS, b. March 1889. vii. FURMAN WELLS, b. February 1890. viii. HOYT WELLS, b. March 1896. ix. JACKSON WELLS, b. April 1898. 10. DANIEL JAMES7 WELLS (DANIEL JAMES6, JOHN5)was born September 1861 in Dry Creek, Lancaster Co, SC. He married SARAH Abt. 1884 in Lancaster Co, SC. She was born April 1865 in S.C.. Children of DANIEL WELLS and SARAH are: i. JACOB8 WELLS, b. October 1885. ii. JANE WELLS, b. December 1887. iii. MATTIE WELLS, b. May 1890. iv. DANIEL WELLS, b. September 1891. v. JOHN WELLS, b. April 1894. vi. ANNIE WELLS, b. July 1896. vii. LEWIS WELLS, b. October 1899. 11. ROBERT ELLERBE7 WELLS, 2 (DANIEL JAMES6, JOHN5) was born 1889, and died 1971. Child of ROBERT ELLERBE WELLS, 2 is: i. ROSA LEE8 WELLS, m. ARTHUR CARTER. 12. WILLIAM HENRY7 WELLS (JOHN THOMAS6, JOHN5) was born Novem ber 17, 1859 in Fairfield Co, SC, and died January 03, 1914 in Fairview, LeFlore Co, Ok.. He married VIRGINIA AMANDA MOORE September 03, 1884 in Texarkana, Miller Co, Ar.. She was born January 1865 in Ark.. Notes for WILLIAM HENRY WELLS: BURRIED: Hall Cemetery, LeFlore Co, Ok. NOTES: Death record says birthdate was Nov 17,1859, gravemarker says Nov 6, 1858. Lived in Smith Co, Tx. in 1901. PROOF: Census; D. Cert.; Children of WILLIAM WELLS and VIRGINIA MOORE are: i. ALMA B.8 WELLS, b. November 1885, Ark.. ii. HENRY J. WELLS, b. December 1887, Ark.. Notes for HENRY J. WELLS: NOTES: Living in Poteau, Ok. in 1914 iii. ELIZABETH SONYA WELLS, b. December 1889, Texas. iv. VIRGINIA RUTH WELLS, b. May 1892, Ark.. v. MAUDE M. WELLS, b. May 1894, Ark.. vi. WILLIAM L. WELLS, b. August 1897, Ark.. vii. MARTHA GRACE WELLS, b. February 1900, Ind. Terr.; d. Keene, Tx.; m. LAWRENCE MATTHEW HILL. viii. JESSIE WELLS, b. 1904. ix. RALFE WELLS, b. 1906. 13. JOHN JEROME7 WELLS (JOHN THOMAS6, JOHN5) was born March 1865 in Wilcox co, Al., and died January 04, 1930 in McAlester, Pittsburg Co, OK. He married KATE WILLIAMS April 13, 1892 in Texarkana, Miller Co, Ar. She was born March 1876 in Tx.. Notes for JOHN JEROME WELLS: BURIED: McAlister, Pittsburg Co, Ok. NOTES: Has descendants in Dallas, & Midland Children of JOHN WELLS and KATE WILLIAMS are: i. CLAUDIE8 WELLS, b. May 1895. ii. HERBERT WELLS, b. December 1896. iii. MAUDE A. WELLS, b. November 1899. iv. EARNEST WELLS, b. 1904. 14. JOSEPH ELIJAH7 WELLS (JOHN THOMAS6, JOHN5) was born January 06, 1871 in Selma, Dallas Co, Alabama, and died August 24, 1958 in Durant, Bryan Co, Ok.. He married (1) ? SANDERS. She was born in Wilcox co, Al., and died in Omaha, NB. He married (2) MATTIE IZORA DIAL February 01, 1894 in Quannah, Hard eman Co, Tx.. She was born October 1868 in Tx.. Notes for JOSEPH ELIJAH WELLS: BURIED: Hiland Cemetery, Durant, Bryan Co, Ok. NOTES: Has a daughter living in Austin, Tx. Notes for ? SANDERS: She was a cousin. Child of JOSEPH WELLS and ? SANDERS is: i. DAUGHTER8 WELLS. Living in Austin, Tx. Children of JOSEPH WELLS and MATTIE DIAL are: ii. HERMAN8 WELLS, b. January 1895, Ark.. iii. VERA JOE WELLS, b. May 1896, Tx.. iv. JOHN ALBERT WELLS, b. August 1898, Ok.. v. CORA LAUREN WELLS, b. February 1900, OK.. vi. ALLINE WELLS, b. 1903, Ok.. vii. LESLIE WELLS, b. 1906, Tx.. 15. JAMES BARBER7 WELLS (JOHN THOMAS6, JOHN5) was born April 27, 1876 in Pineapple, Wilcox Co, Al., and died December 29, 1932 in Navasota, Grimes Co, Tx. buried Forest Park Lawndale Cemetery, Houston. He married FLORENCE IONE NOBLE November 22, 1899 in Navarro Co, Tx., daughter of JOHN NOBLE and FLORENCE BROWN. She was born August 24, 1880 in Silver springs, Tippah Co, Miss., and died March 15, 1971 in Forest Park Lawndale Cemetery, Houston, Harris Co, Tx.. Notes for JAMES BARBER WELLS: PROOF: --- D. Certificates; --- Obituary; ----Lots of Papers on Sweet Potato Patent & personal letters; ----Deeds; ----Navarro Co, Tx. Marriages 1889-1899 Vol 2 pg 204; He was buried Dec 31, 1932 at Forest Park Lawndale Cemetery, Houston, Tx, she was buried Mar 17, 1971 at the same cemetery. NOTES: They were Baptists; He filed for a Patent on apparatus to store Sweet Potatoes called a 'vacuum curing system' May 8, 1917. Sup posedly sold potatoes to Military for WWI food rations. He was Vice President of the 'Producers Sweet Potatoe Exchange' in Dallas, Tx. Lived in Navarro Co, Gregg Co, & Smith Co, Tx. for several years.